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Run by Dr. Janet Kan and Dr. Paul Chapman, Rideau Dental On 4th Street remains a loved and respected dental clinic located on the 4th street, in the southwest corner of Calgary. With priceless contributions from the entire dental team, our clinic has earned a reputation for being a warm, welcoming space for people of all ages. Our principal focus remains the lifelong well-being of our patients’ oral health. We have an entire range of general dentistry, preventive dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry procedures for your benefit. We serve several areas of Calgary such as Mission, Cliff Bungalow, and Rideau Park.

Dr. Janet Kan

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Winnipeg
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD), University of Manitoba
  • A member of the Alberta Dental Association


From the time our patients walk into our dental facility, my sole focus is to ensure our patients feel good about the dental consultation or procedure that they undergo. We achieve this through carefully cultivating an atmosphere where our patients feel warmly welcomed and cared for. Our patients have their own stories to tell, and forming bonds through the power of conversation is the way we take our association beyond that of a mere doctor-patient relationship and into the realm of trust and compassion. However, your core clinical issues never take a backseat, and are treated with professionalism and care. After all, that’s what we are truly here for. My personal goal will always remain to ensure that our patients have a great dental experience and strong oral health for the long, long years to come.

Dr. Janet Kan
Dr. Paul Chapman

Dr. Paul Chapman

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Toronto
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS), University of Toronto
  • A member of the Canadian Dental Association, Alberta Dental Association, and International College of Dentistry


My career in the field of Dentistry spans roughly 40 years. My topmost priority has remained constant - the well-being of the patients under my care. This priority of mine is shared by others in our organization, and this has shaped our culture here at Rideau Dental On 4th Street. On a personal front, I am of the opinion that nothing supersedes the interests of our patients. We have always provided our patients with an honest assessment about their dental condition and the most appropriate solutions to these problems. We have encouraged our patients to make informed decisions about their oral health, even if that means urging our patients to seek out a second opinion. I believe in making long-term connections with our customers, the foundation for such a connection being trust and mutual respect. One of the most satisfying facet of working as a family dentist is that I have been privileged enough to serve second and third generations of the same families who have trusted us enough with their dental challenges. We have all truly grown in these years.


Executive Assistant and Dental Assistant


There is nothing more rewarding than being a staunch advocate for the personal and clinical needs of our patients. It is, therefore, a privilege to be working for an establishment that shares these principles. My profile as a Dental Assistant has me answer patients’ queries, allocate (accurate!) booking slots, and address patients’ treatment planning and manage their insurance matters. My career in the field of dentistry, which is now collectively worth four decades of service, has truly been an enriching experience.

Marion - Executive Assistant and Dental Assistant
Ruth - Registered Dental Assistant


Registered Dental Assistant II


I’ve been in the business right from before the turn of the millennium. My personal focus has remained the consistent relationship-building with our many patients who have given us the opportunity to address their clinical needs. It is truly rewarding to come across the same faces over the years. My tasks in office are varied and compendious, with a mix of interpersonal and specialized technical skills, and has me work in unison with our dental team albeit retaining my independence along the way.


Registered Dental Assistant II


Although I have been a part of the field since 1996, it was only in 2004 that I began my work with this wonderful organization. It is my intention to provide our patients a compassionate office environment, where their fears are duly addressed. We all play our part to ensure we achieve this, and we feel strongly about it. My job profile has me ensure our patients are seated comfortably, and they are given a thorough preparation for the dental procedure they will soon be going through. My directions continue post-procedure, as I offer our patients post-procedural tips. That’s how we ensure our patients remain healthy and cavity free!

Meredith - Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


My collective experience in the field of dentistry amounts to over two decades, and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of our wonderful establishment for seventeen of those years. As a hygienist, my profile has me work one-on-one with our patients, where I carefully assess our patients’ oral health and conduct thorough cleaning sessions. It is my responsibility to ensure our patients maintain desirable oral hygiene at home, and, in the process, maintain healthy, happy smiles. They call me Maritimer, you can, too!


Dental Hygienist


Although I have been responsible for establishing a relaxed environment for patients while working as a Dental Assistant since 1986, I have been working as a Dental Hygienist ever since my 1993 diploma. In 2003, I joined our tight-knit family that we call Rideau Dental On 4th Street. Part of my profile as a hygienist has me work with our patients and educate them about the many benefits of maintaining spotless oral hygiene. I tend to think of it as ‘smile management’, and we have a surplus!

Nancy  - Dental Hygienist
Pat - Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


My work with this establishment dates back to 1993 and it has been a pleasure seeing it grow the way it has. There are a few sights better than seeing our patients take control of their health. But, that’s only possible if we direct them to the issues that they face. My primary goal will always remain our patients being able to reach their peak optimal oral health. I do my bit by conducting cleaning sessions, and warning our patients and our dentists of the signs of tooth decay and disease that I’m able to detect. On a personal level, I do my level best to ensure our patients develop solid oral hygiene routines that truly help them reach their peak optimal oral health.

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