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In the modern age, we have established that maintaining one’s oral hygiene is imperative. There are practices, such as regular brushing and flossing, that we have consciously integrated into our lives. These routine practices have ensured that the health risks that arise from irregular maintenance of our oral hygiene don’t have a widespread impact on our overall health. That being said, injuries, infections and diseases are events we can’t necessarily prepare for. Those who have lost their tooth due to a disease or an injury can rely on our dental implants to find the long-term fix they need.

Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially a synthetic root of a tooth that is attached to the jawbone with the help of a surgical procedure. The synthetic “root” typically consists of titanium, which is also the preferred material of choice for other replacement surgeries. The reason why titanium is considered the best option is that the material is known to suitably merge with the human bone and prevent further complications.

What is the Process?

After the titanium post is surgically rooted into your jawbone, a replacement tooth is then installed to the post to ensure solidity and to reinforce the natural qualities of a sparkling smile. Typically, you will have a choice between a permanently attached tooth and a removable tooth. The benefit of opting for a permanently attached tooth is that it resembles your natural teeth, while also guaranteeing added durability. A permanently attached tooth has an impressive lifespan. Our dentists can discuss and present you with more holistic information to help you understand the considerations and choose your next course of action.

What are the Considerations?

Like it happens in every dental procedure, we need to ascertain whether getting dental implants is a suitable course of action for you. We have a checklist of what makes an ideal candidate for getting a dental implant. It is generally preferred if the patient is a non-smoker, has a sizeable amount of bone content in the jaw, and shows no trace of gum disease. We understand if there’s a need for any additional treatment before providing you with dental implants. We’ll ensure your teeth and gums are healthy before you get the implants attached.

Implants are very versatile and a large set of permutations and combinations can work, depending on the complications laced with your condition and your set of prevailing preferences. For instance, a single implant alongside a replacement tooth will suffice if you are only missing one tooth. Those who have multiple teeth in a row can also avail the benefits of strategically placed implants in order to support a permanent set of artificial teeth or a bridge. Consequently, while instances of losing all teeth at once are rare, it is useful to be aware that there’s also a provision to install implants that are able to support a permanent bridge.

The central focus of the services that we offer is that we don’t want our patients to opt for unnecessary procedures that they have no need for. We offer practical solutions to our patients after we have concluded our assessment. Contact our dental clinic to learn more about other possible alternative solutions to your, and by extension, our dental predicament.


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