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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

We all love our natural teeth, but sometimes, the healthiest thing to do is to let go! While it’s always better to save the natural tooth whenever it’s possible, it is not necessarily always the best option. There are instances where it is not only better to extract the tooth but it is also essential to do so to ensure your oral health doesn’t endanger your overall health.

Dental Extractions

There are certain conditions when extracting a tooth is more beneficial than letting nature take its course. These include:

  • The removal of a baby tooth that is misshapen
  • The removal of a baby tooth that has excessively long roots that prevent it from naturally detaching itself when the time comes
  • The removal of a tooth that has severely decayed, where it’s no longer possible to restore the tooth to its former self
  • A wisdom tooth with its own set of complications
  • In some cases, orthodontic corrections may also require the removal of one or more of your teeth

Dental Extractions At Rideau Dental On 4th Street

When it has been established that the extraction of your tooth is the only option, we will determine whether or not this extraction is possible at the time of your check-up or if the extraction will need another appointment.

The root of your tooth is encased within the jawbone, where it is held together firmly in that socket by a strand of ligament. As a part of the extraction process, our dental professional expands the socket that holds the tooth together. This is done through the thorough detachment of the tooth from the ligament that holds it together. The detachment of the tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to move, which can ultimately lead to problems with chewing or the function of the jaw joint. It is for this reason that we recommend a tooth replacement to follow the extraction.

How Do You Benefit From An Extraction?

Here’s what you can achieve with a dental extraction here at Rideau Dental On 4th Street:

  • Your smile will retain some of its aesthetic qualities when our dentists remove excess teeth that crowd your jaw
  • The timely removal of baby teeth can pave the way for the eruption of permanent teeth and eliminate the need for related orthodontic treatment later in life
  • The primary point of tooth extraction is to ensure that the tooth that has been infected by any form of bacterium or decay doesn’t have the chance to spread to other healthy teeth

Here at Rideau Dental On 4th Street, we consider the long-term sustainability of your dental health. To be accurate in our assessment of the best course of action for the well-being of your oral health, our dental team needs to evaluate your dental condition thoroughly. Our focus is always the extended interest of the oral health of our many patients who give us a chance to serve them.


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