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Root Canals

Root Canals

The root canal treatment is now completely painless, thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine. Your root canal (tooth nerves) are responsible for the sensory detection of hot or cold substances. This makes it extremely important to urgently address the pain experienced by your root canal. Improper maintenance of your oral health or a crack that your tooth might have suffered leaves the root of your tooth conducive to the dangers of an abscess. The abscess only forms when a cavity is left untreated, which then results in the slow but gradual infection of your tooth that ultimately reaches the root. Further complications can arise if the cavity is left untreated for a long period of time. We extend our dental services in the form of our carefully executed root canal treatment, in order to ensure your tooth is saved and restored to its former glory.

Root Canal Treatment

What Makes You A Candidate?

The classic symptom of an individual who needs a root canal therapy is a severe toothache, which further intensifies when pressure is directly applied to the tooth in general or during chewing food. Other common symptoms experienced by those who have a need for root canal therapy are tooth sensitivity or the sensation of pain as a response to hot or cold temperatures, the gradual dark discoloration of the tooth, and a feeling of tenderness or swelling experienced in the gums that immediately surround the tooth in question.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The procedure is typically executed within two complete visits to our dental clinic, Rideau Dental On 4th Street. The primary focus of our team is the safe removal of the infected tissue from the insides of your teeth. Once the primary root of the problem, the infection, is dealt with, our team then concentrates on cleaning (and sealing) the inside portion of your tooth. We will also suggest additional protective measures such as the insertion of a dental crown in order to prevent the possibility of breakage.

After the completion of your root canal treatment, expect our team to brief you on the post-procedural care tips that ensure that your treatment ultimately achieves the intended goal; the long-term, well-being of your oral health. After the completion, you can also recommence your daily schedule with regards to your eating habits, brushing, flossing, etc. unless you are instructed against doing so.

A root canal procedure will cure you of the infection that led to all the toothache in the first place. It will eliminate all the sensitivity pertaining to the hot or cold foods that you consume. And, most importantly, it will ensure that you can continue to live life like you did prior to the onset of infection.

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