Dental fillings are  tooth colored composites that are  used restore teeth that have decay or have been broken or chipped.  Usually filling appointments are relatively easy & simple leaving you with a nice healthy smile.

When Do You Need Fillings?

Here’s what our dental team will be looking for to determine if you need the procedure:

  • The dentist looks for cavities through a careful assessment of your teeth, which may involve a clinical exam to examine the surface of each tooth. X-rays are recommended in conjunction with a clinical examine to determine the depth and size of the decay.
  • If tooth decay has reached the nerve of your tooth or the procedure isn’t particularly suitable for you, our dentists will recommend an alternative course of action
  • Dental fillings are more suitable for those who have minor tooth decay. In some cases dental crowns may be recommended as a more ideal option if the size of the filling is determined to be larger.

Before your treatment begins, your doctor will discuss with you all of your options and help you choose the best filling for your particular case. In preparation for this discussion it may be helpful to understand the basic types of dental fillings.


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