Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies such as a toothache or an injury can happen when we least expect them.  It doesn’t matter if you come across an emergency outside working hours – emergencies don’t pick a suitable time and place. Rideau Dental On 4th Street is here to offer our services to our patients even after the end of our working hours. You always have the option of contacting us through our emergency number – (403) 228 3966.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can be the result of an accident and can lead to tooth sensitivity.   In the case of chipped teeth, your first course of action should always be a dental clinic visit. The visit is imperative to prevent the condition from worsening and relieving your discomfort. Our dental professionals assess the severity of the chip, for it ensures the requisite treatment that shall be prescribed. A minor injury can be treated with a simple filling and a major case of a chipped tooth needs a special dental crown or cap as a restorative measure.

Dislodged Teeth

Another common condition after an injury is the dislodgement of your tooth in a sideways angle, which then loosens its grip from its socket. For best results, our dentist needs to assess the extent of this dislodgement. If it’s a minor instance of a dislodged tooth, a minor repositioning effort on the part of our dentist should suffice. A root canal treatment might be necessary in an event where the injury is a major one.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Now here’s an emergency that should be dealt with on priority. Visiting our clinic is imperative since our dentists could still have a chance of reattaching the tooth back to its socket if too much time hasn’t already passed. Before our dentists can assess your situation, we need you to help us along the way. Before you come down to visit our clinic, ensure that you retain the fallen tooth and if possible place in milk. Once we assess your condition, we can decide whether the tooth can be reattached. If we conclude that your tooth can’t be placed back into its socket, we shall consider alternative treatment methods.

Root Fractures

One possible result of an injury is a horizontal root fracture, which is occasionally the case in the event of a traumatic tooth injury. The location of the possible fracture essentially determines the severity of the condition and the expansiveness of the treatment we then recommend. Our dental team will assess the situation to determine the location of the fracture. A fracture closer to the tip of the root has greater chances of success, while a fracture closer to the gum line is undesirable.

Injuries to Children

Children, considering the active, carefree beings that they are, are prone to injuries that affect their teeth. There is a distinction that we must make here because children have primary teeth for a brief period before they experience the growth of permanent teeth. As a principle, primary teeth shouldn’t be repositioned back to the socket, while it’s imperative that permanent teeth are handled with great care. Children’s permanent teeth are hardly developed at the early stages, and hence, a special amount of care is required.

A dental emergency, regardless of its intensity, should be dealt with urgency. We intend for you to contact our clinic with similar urgency since time is always of the essence.


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