Dental Hygienist

My goal is help people improve and maintain optimal oral health. I provide thorough and gentle cleanings and alert patients and the doctors to signs of oral lesions, tooth decay, or gum disease. My focus is always on educating and encouraging patients to develop great home oral hygiene routines.

When not working, carpooling, or managing my family’s hectic schedule, I enjoy time with my three busy teenage daughters. They bring forward interesting thoughts and ideas, often encouraging me to look at things differently. When schedules align, we escape to our favorite Mexican resort or our extended family gathering place in Windermere, BC.

Working closely with patients, I spend time educating them about dental health and encouraging them to take care of their smiles!

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my husband and my university-bound son. As most of my patients know, I love to travel! I always enjoy hearing about others’ travel adventures.

I work one-to-one with patients, helping them improve their oral and overall health. While assessing their dental health and gently cleaning their teeth, I teach people why it’s important to practice good home oral hygiene. I want people to have lifetimes of healthy, happy smiles!

I enjoy travelling, gardening and my ragdoll cats. Everyone knows me as the Maritimer.

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