Tips on handling an avulsed or knocked out tooth

knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth is often referred as avulsed tooth in dental terms. You may suffer a knocked out tooth problem because of injury or external trauma. It is important to avail of emergency dental care services when one or more of your teeth have been knocked out. Many people are unaware, but a knocked out tooth can be reattached by a dentist within a set time. Before you reach a dentist, there are certain measure you should take to save your tooth and ensure no further damage is done. Here are some of the tips on handling an avulsed or knocked out tooth.

Stop the bleeding

To control the bleeding, place a clean cloth or towel on the site of bleeding. It helps stop the bleeding temporarily until you reach a dental clinic. Spitting also helps remove the blood clot that is formed in the avulsed tooth socket.

Clean the avulsed tooth

You need to clean your avulsed or knocked out tooth to rid it of any dirt. Avoid touching the root of the knocked out tooth as it can contaminate or cause additional damage to the attached tissues and nerves. Rinse the avulsed tooth with water or milk. Don’t use any soap, toothpaste or chemicals and don’t rub the tooth harshly to to clean it.

Keep the avulsed tooth moist

Your tooth needs to be preserved. To keep it healthy and alive, place it in a container of milk or salt water. Moisture prevents the tooth from any further decay till it reaches dental clinic. You may also consider purchasing a tooth preservation kit that contains metabolites and glucose to keep the cells on the tooth root alive.

Try to reinsert the avulsed tooth

Once you have cleaned the avulsed tooth, you can try to reinsert the tooth back into the socket by holding it in place with the help of your fingers. You can bite down on a handkerchief to hold the tooth in place. If this is not possible, you can keep it moist until you reach an emergency dental care clinic.

An avulsed tooth is a serious dental emergency. So, it is recommended to visit an emergency dental care clinic immediately. It will help you save your natural teeth and preserve your pretty smile. You can contact a dentist for more information on saving an avulsed tooth.


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