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Dental Infections

Drs. Janet Kan and Paul Chapman and our team at Rideau Dental on 4th St will tell you that dental infections can be very serious; sometimes, they develop into a life-threatening situation. Cavities are caused by acid-generating microorganisms that deposit themselves on teeth surfaces. Over time, acid erodes tooth enamel, compromising tooth strength. The major

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Oral-Systemic Health

Healthy Summer Foods   Oral-systemic health is the idea that oral health is a critical and interconnected component to a patient’s overall health and well-being. Studies show that people who have poor oral health are more likely to have other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or a high likelihood of stroke.   Some

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Healthy Summer Foods

What are the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly? Oral-Systemic Health   It’s summer—that wonderful time of year when fresh and delicious produce abounds. Dr. Janet Kan and Paul Chapman will tell you that your teeth, gums, and tissues all rely on an appropriate mix of vitamins and minerals to maintain good oral health no

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What are the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly?

What’s the best dental floss? Healthy Summer Foods   Your regularly scheduled dental checkups with Drs. Janet Kan and Paul Chapman are not just meant to make your smile prettier and healthier. Your mouth’s health has an important impact on your overall physical health as well!   While you may brush your teeth twice a

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What’s the best dental floss?

Dental Infections What are the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly?   Dental floss is similar to a lot of products that depend mainly on the consumer’s preference. Fact is, floss comes in a wide variety of flavors, coatings, and other variations, but all types of floss essentially do the same thing. After all, that

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knocked out tooth

Tips on handling an avulsed or knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth is often referred as avulsed tooth in dental terms. You may suffer a knocked out tooth problem because of injury or external trauma. It is important to avail of emergency dental care services when one or more of your teeth have been knocked out. Many people are unaware, but a knocked

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brushing your teeth

4 Steps to Brush Properly

Brushing your teeth twice on a daily basis is one of the basic practices for maintaining proper oral hygiene. But, knowing how to brush properly is equally important. Not brushing the right way can cause damage to your tooth enamel; the outer, protective layer that safeguards your teeth from harm. So, what’s the correct way to

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You broke your tooth; now what?

Summer is Almost Here: Tips for a bright, white smile! Dental Infections You may have bitten down on a hard food or object, or perhaps you had a cavity that weakened your tooth. Either way, your tooth is now broken, and the steps you take to care for it will determine whether you get to

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